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About the Event

The Pancho Medrano Legislative Summit is a Latino-centered, policy-driven, conscious conversation about the issues most impacting Texas Latinos. This event is an opportunity for Latino leaders across the state to address issues impacting our community and discuss the changes that are needed to ensure our access to opportunities in Texas. We hope you will join us for an experience that you won’t want to miss!  Register Now »

Session 1: Economic Opportunity

The first panel discusses the lack of opportunity for Latinos in Texas. This includes conversations about gentrification, broadband, property taxes, and housing. We will also discuss what we need to be doing and where we need to invest for Latinos to thrive and not just survive.

Session II: Education

Education is a key area for this event. This panel will focus on public and higher education, vouchers, trades, voting, and community resources. The conversation's focal point will be how we can continue to educate Latinos across Texas and how they can find quality jobs.

Session III: Healthcare and Mental Health

The event will include a conversation about healthcare as it relates to Latinos, the largest uninsured group in Texas. With recent events, we will discuss gun violence, mental health, and women’s rights. Part of the conversation is about how to make healthcare more affordable for the Latino community.

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